Conferences and Events

Capturing the Story

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, the right images leave them speechless


I’ve been photographing events since the 1990s. My early work was volunteering with my local Rotary, Boys and Girls Club, Chamber of Commerce and others. That evolved into commercial work and private events. As a photographer, being in the thick of the things, seeing the experience from a unique perspective, and working with amazing people makes event projects some of my favorites.

When doing a project as an event photographer, it is critical that we represent the event in a professional way.  That means being willing to set-up shots for a vendor, directing an attendee with a question to the right resource,  and always having a cheerful, positive attitude.

These are important to me when shooting an event:

  • Providing a mutually agreed upon work statement. No guessing, missed opportunities, or unrealistic expectations
  • Be somewhat invisible and in the right place at the same time
  • Understanding clearly how the client wants to use the images, both digitally and in print
  • Developing a required shot list of what is critical to the client
  • Confirm the event with the organizer the day before the event
  • Arrive early
  • Rapidly delivering Social Media content to event marketing staff
  • Compatibility with a wide array of personalities
  • Setting up one-time shots quickly, i.e. awards and group photos
  • The skill to work quickly in all lighting situations
  • An ability to capture the story and tell that through pictures and by-lines
  • Provide creative images across all aspects of the conference
  • Keep shooting the entire event; that’s how some of the best images are captured
  • Knowledge of post editing tools
  • We won’t miss a shot because of a technical malfunction.  We always have backup equipment on site
  • Appropriate insurance


We want to help you tell your event story by creating images so dynamic it will be even easier to sell tickets to your next event.


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