Managing Your Digital Footprint


We all want to look our best in case we meet the right person.  We invest a lot on the right clothing, matching shoes, a great haircut… The simple truth is we feel good when we look good. But what about when someone is on line, getting to know you BEFORE they get to meet you? Every study shows that it is your PHOTOS which make that vital first impression and as disappointing as that may be, if you want a “successful” on line experience, your photos have to be top shelf.

Yes, they WILL read the “Story of You” which is shared on Linkedin or your profiles. Let’s get more people to read that story because they are attracted to you, the real you, which they will get to know at first glance through your photographs.

This is where you can leap ahead, both personally and professionally. MOST people use old, or poorly lit, or terribly framed photographs and hope for the best. There is zero thought put into their images. A great set of images will make the difference in creating your successful on-line brand. The good news, is that great photography will typically cost less than a great pair of shoes.

There are a few ways to develop an image collection when working with a photographer. This includes studio photography and location work. With studio photography, you have the best possible lighting and your working in an environment the photographer is used to totally controlling.

With location work, the backgrounds and activities are endless.  A location shoot could be shot in a beautiful mountain area or it could be at a dance recital, capturing your passion for dance.

Over the course of a few years, consider doing both.  It’s hard to do both on the same day, simply because, as the person being photographed, you wear out and it shows in your images. The reason is variety and experience. You’ll start to see what is available and what you like best in terms of your digital footprint.

We offer a special on-line profile shoot that is just $99, in our Duarte studio. This offer includes: 30 minutes with the photographer, one clothing change and a choice of images. We’ll even retouch one as part of the work and supply that image as print ready. All images will be ready for use for social media or your website. We’ll even tell you how to embed them into your social media and dating web sites.

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