About Elizabeth Gilbert

“I love photography, it’s in my blood.  Every time I am out shooting it continues to inspire me.   What I love most is light with its endless effect on the outcome of an image.”
Born in Michigan, my family moved to California in 1963.   I completed school with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.  I have been a partner in two successful companies, one a Health Food Store and the other a Software company.  I’ve enjoyed extensive travel in my work with projects on five continents and working with Fortune 50 Chemical Companies.  I shifted to being a photographer in 2013 and have photographed over 150 events.  Living in the Las Padres National Forest allowing me to practice a little everyday with the natural beauty that is the forest and its inhabitants.  My photographic skills are focused on personal branding, pets, and events.  My hobbies include meditation, reading, and public speaking.  In 2016, I was recognized as 2016 Toastmaster of the Year for District 52 covering the Northern Los Angeles Area.